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Lily Masterton

I came here with the aim of probably going on to study psychology. I think the course has really upped my interest in working in the police. I’ve always wanted to work as a professional, either in the police, or maybe the medical field. I really enjoy English as well and wanted to carry that on.

I applied to UCA, the University of Kent and the University of Greenwich. I enjoy art and painting so I have also considered going into that in the future, more as a plan B. The Access course has given me the opportunity of training in something different. I’ve applied for two art type courses at UCA, and at the University of Kent and Greenwich I have applied for Criminology/Criminal Justice. 

The highlight for me has been everything really. I think we’ve had a great group; the tutors have been very supportive and the modules we’ve been doing have been very interesting. As a whole it’s been a really good experience. The workload is tough - one essay in and then the next is set, but we get a lot support from the tutors. If you’ve got the time-management right then you’ll be fine.

As part of the course, we get support with writing essays, referencing them properly so we are prepared for the work at university. I knew about the UCAS process, but there is help there from the tutors if you need it.