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Lewis Richardson - Electrical Installation

I chose this study programme because both my dad and my grandad have worked in the industry - although my grandad is now retired.  

We have studied power circuits and lighting circuits in our practical lessons. In our theory lessons we have covered health and safety and communications and we are just starting the science unit now. My favourite theory unit has been health and safety and my favourite practical has been lighting.

The tutors are really nice and I get on with Tony very well – he’s pretty cool! I study English alongside the programme and Personal Professional Development. We cover things like government, citizenship, knife crime etc. I am looking for somewhere to do my industry placement at the moment and this will help me get work experience.

I chose MidKent College because it suited me better than school and I’ve always been interested in learning about electrics.
I would recommend the College -  the facilities are good and you get to meet new people and get more time to yourself than you would at school. I’d like to go on to an apprenticeship in electrical installation once I have finished at College.