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Leah Quarrell

I used to live in Essex and then moved over to Kent so I was looking at all the colleges but MidKent College attracted me the most because of how kind the people seemed to be and it is quite an open place so I felt welcome to be here. I visited on an open day and found it helpful. 

I think it’s great to focus on the thing you love the most whereas at school you focus on so many different things. When I looked at Graphic Design I knew that is what I wanted to do and focus on in the future and it’s great opportunity to do it.  

My parents were really supportive and wanted me to do what I wanted to do. We have covered so much on the programme; it’s been great. I’ve entered competitions and it’s built up my confidence more. Some of the units we have done focuses on our professional communication and promoting ourselves to be ready for either apprenticeships or universities. We also did projects based on us, so for our first couple of units, we had to learn all the new media. We did screen printing and lino printing and then we applied that and ended up with a final piece that related to us. 

My tutor is the best, she is so nice and welcoming. I definitely struggled over COVID 19 with everything that happened but she was so open and supportive. After College I will be going to the University of Brighton to study graphic design for three years and then hopefully either doing a master’s degree or something else to do with education as I love learning. I applied for five universities and got accepted into them all. I chose Brighton as it’s just a place that I have always loved, I used to go on holidays there and it’s like a second home to me.