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Kaci Nash

I chose Photography as I have always had a passion for it. I have liked it since I was about five years old and I was also inspired by my brother who likes it as well. My tutor is really good; he helps when needed and makes the programme very enjoyable. I do enjoy the practical side more but I also like learning about the different sides of photography, such as documentary photography which I didn’t even know existed until recently. I am doing my final project on documentary photography, specifically landscapes. I include things that are relevant in teenage life such as depression, drug use, alcohol use and sexual activity.

After College I am hoping to save up enough money to get a decent camera as they are so expensive, I am then going to hopefully start a photography career. I chose MidKent College as it is my local college. I would recommend studying Photography as even though there is an academic side you do get to use the cameras a lot and it is a lot of fun, and you develop your own style.