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Jonathan Sheard

I chose Photography because I previously did Level 2 in Creative Media and I kind of discovered it during my first year and found that I had a talent for it. So far I have about learnt how to properly set up a camera, and so use different settings that would affect the image. I have learnt about exposure triangles and how to convert an image. An exposure triangle is the different three seconds on the camera, so it’s the main ISO which is how sensitive the camera is, shutter speed, which is how long the shutter stays open for and the aperture. 

I am doing my final major project on mental health which is called Beyond The Barrier, and I have I used as a screen a subway door which is supposed to represent when looking behind the door is what you see as the mind and body so there’s images where it is the physical problem and the internal problem that people cannot see.

My tutors are Paul and Joe, they are very good teachers, they would both do anything for us and are very talented in their fields, both brilliant at what they do. My next step is university, I plan to go to Canterbury Christ Church University. After university I am planning to look for a travel firm and become a photographer for them. 

I chose MidKent College as they offered the programme I wanted to do.