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Joe Hunt

I chose Construction as it’s an industry I’ve always been interested in. I love civil engineering as I like to know how things go together, and how that can be transferred to a real world situation.

I chose a higher apprenticeship because it’s a lot easier to take further if I wanted to do a level 6 degree, it’s got good progression. I’m with FM Conway Ltd and I have quite a knowledgeable team there if I have any questions or assignments I need help with. All of my tutors are quite knowledgeable.

We’re learning structural engineering such as bridges and foundation design. I transfer what I’m learning in the classroom into a real world scenario.

I’d definitely recommend a higher apprenticeship. It helps that the NVQ part of it requires you to back up what you’re learning with your real world experience.

The Level 3 I did previously gave more of a broad overview, the level 4 is narrowed down learning the real ins and outs of everything.

Our tutor is knowledgeable, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about! I live in Maidstone, so the College is close to me.

I’d recommend College to someone else. For me, doing one day a week is perfect as I get four days at work too. A lot of employers now expect you to have a real-world understanding of the industry.