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Jodie Groombridge

I chose this programme because I have always wanted to be a vet. At the moment on the course we are studying biology, welfare & ethics and behaviour. We have just finished working with exotic animals. My favourite part of the programme is Biology which is a subject that I’ve always liked – I don’t really know why!

In the department we have a mammal room with ferrets, rats, guinea-pigs, rabbits, hamsters and sugar gliders. In the reptile room, we have tarantulas, snakes, sandfish skinks and geckos and in aquatics we have terrapins and loads of different types of fish. I really like the practical lessons as they are very hands-on.

I chose to come to MidKent College as it was practical for me to get here. I’m thinking about going to university or vet school which I have just started to look into.

The tutors have done work in the animal industry are very helpful. We have three main teachers and each one gives us advice on different things and they just help us with life!

I would recommend people to come and do the programme here. It’s not all about coursework; you get to meet new people and handle animals that you haven’t before.

This year I am doing my work experience at a rescue centre in Swanley. I’m involved with feeding, making sure the animals have water and cleaning out. Last year I did my placement at a grooming shop and stables. Going to work experience was good as you are doing something you want to do, not just because you have to do it. It helped improve my communication and teamwork skills.