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Jamie Hordon

I am studying Level 3 Games Design. I studied previously at West Kent College and studied Level 3 IT and I completed that two-year course. I didn’t know what I wanted to do afterwards so decided to come to MidKent as it is closer. I think the course is very good and I’m making good progress, I have learnt a lot of stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t have known before or even where to start. I prefer doing the 3D work on MAYA which before I didn’t know how to use, and doing animating and importing over to a game engine. The tutors are all good - they all have their own respective skills and specialities which means when I need some specific help they are really good for that. It does help having a tutor who has already produced and marketed a game, as they know the professionals workflows and they always fill in the blanks. I will not be staying to complete the second year as I have already been fully accepted at Canterbury Christchurch University as I already have a level 3, I will be studying Software Engineering.   

I live quite locally so can drive to College, but the train networks are good as well. The facilities are really good especially since the computers have been upgraded, they are actually better that the ones I have at home so getting work done is easier. My parents knew I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do so were happy to support me coming to college whilst I figured it out.