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James Marshall-Loughran

I chose Accountancy as I want a career in finance and I thought this would be a good place to start. The units I’m covering at the moment are book-keeping transactions which is to do with the general ledger and where things get recorded. I’ve most enjoyed elements of costing for goods and services which we did last term.

Theresa is a great tutor; she’s very friendly and makes everyone feel comfortable. She is on a friend level with the students although there is that professional level of respect in the class. She is really good at including everyone and makes the lessons fun too.

I live locally and this was the nearest and best provider. Coming back as a mature learner is a bit strange as you think it’s going to be like school, but it isn’t.  

After level 2, I plan on doing the level 3 and level 4. After that I would like to do the ACCA qualification which is for chartered accountants. I’m currently working as an apprentice in an accounting firm. I found out about this through my tutor and applied for it. Although sometimes things are explained differently, I do find see how everything I learn at College relates to what I am doing at work.