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Izabel Clifford

I chose Beauty Therapy because during secondary school I got introduced to beauty, I didn’t really know about it before. It’s a nice feeling making people feel better about themselves, having a nice treatment and making them feel relaxed and gives them a bit of a confidence boost and it is nice to be able to provide them with that. 

I’m really enjoying doing nails. I am doing acrylics in Level 3 at the moment which is really fun and also some nail art and stuff like that which is nice to experiment with different colours and glitters which I like the best as it is the more creative side. 

I have learnt about lots of different facials, including all the electrical treatments and microdermabrasion. I work part-time in a salon at the moment so will probably start working full-time once I have finished the programme, build up a clientele and in the long run hopefully have my own salon. I am at ELC beauty in Ditton at the moment. I live locally which is around 5 minutes from my salon and 10 minute drive from College. 

My parents were very supportive of me coming to College as it is what I wanted to do. We have all the beds and electrical equipment in the salon at MidKent College so everything you need for the facials are provided, the machines are very expensive so they don’t expect you to provide those yourself. Nail polishes, glitters, everything like that and towels all the cleaning equipment like the autoclave machine to sterilise your products, facial and skin care products is all provided.

In the theory lessons a lot of it is client care, how to prepare your room for treatment, what you need, how to sterilise and clean your equipment. We’re also learning how to be COVID friendly which new and is very important at the moment.  We also learn all about the body and the bones, obviously with massage you need to know about the muscles, you learn about the nails and all the blood systems, quite a lot of biology. The theory is in depth but you do have loads of support. 

The tutors are lovely; it’s not the same as in school. I would say it’s more personal, because it’s smaller classes you get more one-to-one help, they want you to be happy outside of College as well. They help with you things like work placements, personal stuff at home and help by giving you ideas of how to set up your own business. They give you lots of resources you can use.

The skills I am learning in College are definitely helping me with my part-time job, and it has helped build my confidence. You are also working alongside professionals and you can watch them to so you can see how they do it and pick up things.