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Isabelle Johnston

I chose MidKent College due to the close proximity to where I live, also it felt like a lovely family when I came here to do my interview.  I just thought why not try something new? My parents were very happy for me to come to college, especially with the teachers here – they convinced my parents by talking through all the different courses available and different opportunities.  They made it so comforting and such an easy journey to switch to college.

This is my first year on the Level 3 programme, but I did the Level 2 Travel & Tourism last year and also re-sat my GCSE English and then progressed last September.

So far on the programme, I feel like I have covered everything to do with Travel & Tourism! We’ve learnt about tour operators, travel agents, job roles – every role possible in the industry. It makes your head explode how many different opportunities there are, including in other countries.

When I’ve completed the programme I’d like to work within the travel and tourism industry, possibly as a travel agent in the UK to start with, but then I’d like to move into cruise ships – the Disney Cruise ship, but you have to be aged 21 for that! I did think about going to university, but I think going straight into work will be best for me.

I love the tutors here! Karen Allen is my tutor, but I also see Lois Watson and Lisa Russell. It works differently at College than at school, I feel like you’re treated as an equal which makes it easier to learn. You feel more comfortable being able to say, “I’m stuck on this, please can you explain it”. They’re more understanding of you as a young adult, it’s nice. I actually really liked working from home during lockdown – I felt like it was an easy switch – they made it normal for us to be doing our lessons at home in our own rooms!

The facilities at the College are great, we’re mainly based in classrooms, but we sometimes use the aeroplane cabin to practise transfer speeches as if we’re on a coach. I use the library a lot, the books are so helpful.