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Isabel Pembroke Interior Design

My sister came to MidKent College and her experience was really good. She came with me to an open day, and I looked around the Art Department and it was then that I thought this is definitely the College for me. I didn’t know at that point that it was Interior Design I wanted to do, but when I came to apply and read more about it, I thought that it could be something I’d like to do. My parents were really supportive of me choosing to come to College and just wanted me to be happy about what I chose after school.

The course is really good and the tutors are really nice.  Even though we’ve had Covid to deal with and we had to do some classes via Zoom, it worked really well. At secondary school I found it difficult to focus on so many different subjects, so that was a struggle. It’s so much better for me to just focus on one subject.

So far, we’ve covered primary colours, mood boards, floor plans where we got to learn about elevation drawings and electrical plans and plans about where to place furniture and move it around if necessary. We’ve also learnt about different art movements and theories, so we’ve covered Gothic Revival, Bauhaus, the Arts & Crafts Movement, Modernism,1960s design right through to now.

A big factor when I’m designing is sustainability – it’s a key aspect of design these days and I always try to bring it into my work. Currently I am working on my final major project and this has been my favourite part of the course. We’ve got the freedom to do whatever we want to do so it’s been really fun. I have chosen to design a yacht – I will be doing a concept of the exterior and I will be focusing more on the interior design. I have always liked the luxury side of design and there is just so much you can do in terms of design with boats so I thought this would be good.

I have recently been offered a work experience placement with Cathy Oliver interiors.  Cathy came in to talk to the class and April (our tutor) said that she was looking for someone to do work experience. I just thought it was such an amazing opportunity – she designs for commercial and residential clients even for boats and cruise ships, so I thought I have just got to do this!  It’s such a good opportunity to have an insight into what we’re learning in class and how to bring it into a career. I had an interview with Cathy and she explained more about what she does. She has an office in Maidstone but works all around. I am not sure exactly what I’ll be doing but guess I will be shadowing her at first to see how she works.

Next year my plan A is to get an apprenticeship in Interior Design and my plan B is to do an Electrical Installation course here at the College. It’s something I enjoy on the side and in lockdown I did a lot of electrical stuff with my dad. I enjoy the practical side of things too.

For anyone thinking of studying interior design, I would say it is a good thing for them to do.  You can go down so many different paths with this course – you can go into Architecture, you can design textiles, or you can design furniture, go into art or photography. You’ve also got the option of going to university if you want to. I did think about gong to university, but I really wanted to get some actual experience - I think it’s very important. That’s why any work experience that comes my way I am going to take it!