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Harvey Powell

I have an interest in joining a public service in the future. It was originally going to be the army but I’ve switched to wanting to join the police now. I’ve learnt more in depth in what the police do now; it’s not just about going around arresting people, there is also a humanitarian side to it. We have been visited by the Border Force and they told us about what they do and we met the dogs which was amazing. 

We have done loads of units so far but my favourite one is probably war and conflict actually. It’s a personal interest of mine and it’s good to learn about what goes on behind the scenes. My tutors, Neil Cronin, Neil Hemstead and Nathan Wood, they are amazing, you can ask them any question and they are absolutely fine with answering it. 

I chose MidKent College because it is local. I literally live across town. I think I am going to take a year out after finishing and then join the police as soon as I can.