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George Clarke

I chose this programme because I have always wanted to be a pilot. I love the lifestyle and everything about it. I love geography, and learning about the security and all the stuff that goes with working with an airline. There is a lot more to it than people realise - all the police, firefighters, the ambulance etc. 

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a pilot. I went to air shows most of the time when I was little and just always wanted to be up there flying. The employers in the airline industry absolutely love anything to do with flying so you can progress, you can go in as crew and work your way up to becoming a pilot. You can also go straight into a specialist flying school and be scouted into an airline, they love a cabin crew course as it shows what you can do. 

My next step would be to stay on next year at MidKent College to continue with aviation because at the moment things are a little bit slow in the aviation industry because of COVID. I would then either look at an apprenticeship or go on and be crew for a little while or go to a flying school where I could study full-time. 

I came to MidKent College because I live two minutes down the road and I actually came here in year 6 and I went into the cabin crew at the time and I loved it, one of the best days. 

One of my tutors is a cabin manager for Virgin Atlantic she is lovely and is amazing at what she does. Another tutor is Lisa Russell who has been in the travel industry for years and was a regional manager for a huge travel agents. She has loads of knowledge and has been teaching for years. 

I would absolutely recommend studying at MidKent College as it’ll be one of the best things you would do, yes it’s hard work but also great fun.