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Faye Marsh Level 3 in Animal Management


The programme is really good, it’s eventful with lots going on.  Once I’ve completed the programme I’d like to go into conservation and travel around different countries and helping animals.

Next year I’m doing a gap year, but after that I’d like to study Animal Behaviour.  The highlight of the programme for me is dealing with the animals; being able to handle and care for them, and getting excited when we get new ones!
So far we have covered animal nursing, behaviour, handling, animal relations, genetics and genetic modification and we are just moving into nutrition now.
The tutors are really helpful and talk to you like adults. It’s not like school, you can just go and talk to them whenever you want and they will support you if you have any problems.
My parents were unsure about me coming to College at first as they were worried about what I would do afterwards, but they are really supportive now. I was able to re-sit my GCSE maths alongside my main subject in order to improve my grade.
The programme is quite hard; we have exams and coursework to be assessed. I don’t think a lot of people realise that it’s equivalent to A Levels and you can go on to university afterwards.
Last year as my industry placement I worked as a dog-sitter. It really helped that I was learning about animal training at College at the same time. I also work at a stables and have horses.
This year instead of doing an industry placement, I’m going on the College trip to Africa. We are going in April and will be out there for 12 days, looking at conservation and helping the local communities building houses/shelters. We’ll be looking at the animals in the wild and comparing their behaviour to when they are in captivity which will be really useful for my future career.


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