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Faith Pryor

I chose childcare as I want to be a speech therapist working with children. I did work experience from year 9 to year 11 while I was at school in a local nursery which helped me decide what I wanted to do.

I chose college because they didn’t do this programme at sixth form, and MidKent College is my nearest college.

At the moment we are working on children’s communication including language and literacy development. We’ve been making book sacks and I’ve been working on a specific book designed for children aged 5-8. We’ve drawn the characters and we’re also making sock puppets. I enjoy the practical side more as I’m dyslexic and find the theory more difficult.

After this I would like to go into a full-time job and then continue on with what I want to do from there through an apprenticeship.

I was doing work experience in a day nursery but I’m now working at a local primary school. I‘ve been helping the children in year 1 and 2 with their reading and writing.

I would recommend the College as the tutors are supportive and if you have any worries or issues they get it sorted even if it’s home or friendship worries they will help and take it into consideration.