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Evan Tinsley

I chose Photography because I have a massive passion for it. I would really like to continue it as my job, and become a professional photographer.

We’ve learnt different techniques, like setting up a camera, how to compose a photo, things to look for to make it better and research. We’re working on our websites today – either sorting out our photos for this project or the research to improve what I’ve written so far. Last year we did something called “Three pillars”, the ISO, shutter speed and aperture, and we explored different ways to use that. 

I chose College because I thought it would be easier to try something new and I preferred the environment of College more than school. I chose this College because I live nearby.

Paul’s a really great tutor. He’s always trying to help others and to get the best out of us.

I’m looking to become a photographer’s assistant but I’m not sure which field yet. I’m going to have a look round and see what suits me.

My parents were really happy with me coming to College. It’s a good environment, I’d recommend someone to come here.