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Ellis Tomlinson

I am studying Public Services as in the future I want to become a police officer. This programme will help to prepare me as a person and help me to become the best I can be in my career. My tutor is Darren and he has helped me a lot in my programme and to become more mature and to get through my work. He helps me with my tasks and assignments which helps me to get the best grades I can.

The facilities are good, the café provides refreshment and the LRC is really good as you can use the computers which helps you to get your work done. 

For my work experience I am currently at Thomas Aveling School helping out in the PE department working with the students from year 7-11.

So far we’ve covered citizenship and diversity - currently we are doing government.  It was really fun when we did the green and white papers as the whole class had a debate and that was an overall good experience. I would recommend coming to MidKent College and joining the Public Services study programme as it makes you a better person overall and shapes out what you want to do in the future.