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Ellis McGreggor

I chose this subject due to my passion for construction and to learn more about it. I have learnt a wide range of information including further mathematics, and management in projects in construction.

My favourite part of this programme would be unit 7, graphical detailing, as I enjoy drawing and producing accurate sketches of structures, floor plans etc, which has only broadened my interest for this.

After this programme I would like to go to university to study architecture. I'd definitely recommend this programme as it has been brilliant for me and have enjoyed it thoroughly.

My tutors are fantastic, they find time to individually help everyone and have helped me to progress further than i ever thought I could.

I did my industry placement with Kent Loft Boarding and have learned a wide range of information and skills about the structure of houses, load bearing points and joists etc.

We have been to Canterbury to visit two of the universities in the pursuit of encouragement and inside knowledge if people are interested in going to university.