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Ellie Patching

I studied Level 2 Travel and Tourism at MidKent last year and then moved onto Level 2 Air Cabin Crew this year. Doing the level 2 last year definitely helped, asI  had more knowledge about what the college is like, also it gets you used to doing the coursework. I didn’t really like the way I was treated as school and when I came to MidKent for the open days I just really liked it and felt comfortable and welcome from the beginning. The tutors are really good - they go over everything and make sure you know what you are doing. They’ve been really supportive with our job search as well - I don’t think I would have been able to do it without their support!  

So far, we have covered Unit 202 which is Airline Health, Safety and Security which is about the different health issues we might face with different passengers, and also about terrorism and different banned and restricted items you could find on board.  

We have also done Unit 205, the Role of Air Cabin Crew On-board, which covers what cabin crew staff do day-to-day, from boarding duties to the pre-flight briefings. 

There is also Unit 206 which is Preparation For Employment which is where you apply for an airline if you are ready and you do a mock interview and mock assessment day which really helps to prepare you so you would know what to expect.  I liked prep for employment but I also liked unit 202 because it was about terrorism and it was really just interesting to find out what happens.  I start my training with Easy Jet soon and I’m the first one to go. I feel excited and quite relaxed about it as I have this experience behind me, I think if I hadn’t come to college I would be quite worried about the training but because we have covered a lot of what is required, it has really reassured me.  My parents are happy and really proud of me and they say that they know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without coming to college.  I have had such good parents evening at college whereas at secondary school it wasn’t necessarily like that so it as my mum and dad said that it shows when you do something you enjoy it reflects that.

 I would definitely recommend coming to College -  I have loved college so much I would say to everyone just do it!  I even say to people who don’t even want to do Crew to still do the course as it’s so interesting.  I think the course also gives you other skills, you learn about different aircrafts, and an insight into what they do and why they do it!  We go over some ground crew stuff, such as passenger service agents and communication they have with cabin crew.  I have become a lot more confident since doing the course and it has reassured me that I do know what I am doing.