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Deanne Perry

I chose to do the CIPD Level 5 Certificate as I was recently transferred over to a role in HR within my existing company, Delphi Technology. I was brand-new to HR and was lucky enough to get put onto the Level 3 HR course at MidKent College about three years ago. I’m here now enrolled on the Level 5 expanding my skills.

The level 3 gave me a really good foundation knowledge of HR. We covered training and development, developing yourself as a HR Practitioner, recruitment, how to use data and so on. I’ve used those skills and enhanced them to the point that I am now an HR Business Partner.

The CIPD Level 5 gives you a deeper knowledge of strategy and business needs and how to work at a higher level in the HR field. In my current role I come across a diverse range of different issues, different employees, different business pitfalls and I need to be able to advise managers how to deal with them.

Carl, the tutor, is also my mentor and he has been great. I can go to him with any issues and or any projects that I’ve got to get further clarification or focus on and he can give me some guidance. He won’t tell me what to do but he will ask the questions that get me thinking a bit deeper.

I learn a lot from a classroom based environment where people can bounce ideas off and you get to understand other people’s experiences and ideas that you can perhaps take back to your own work place as well. I’ve also completed an online course through MidKent College and achieved the Level 2 Mental Health Awareness which ties in, and is relevant, to my job.

Initially I was nervous coming back to College when I did the level 3 as I hadn’t been in education for 32 years so that was a bit of a challenge getting to grips with the assignments and being motivated and proactive to do the work in your own time, but I knew what to expect when I started the level 5.

I work full-time and have to deal with the studying and assignments in my own time alongside my job. As long as you plan your time, you can get it done – I knew that the assignments for the level 5 would be a lot more in depth so you really need to focus on planning your time.

I chose to come to MidKent College as I live locally and I had done my level 3 here.  Some of my previous colleagues had also completed the level 3 and 5 courses here, so I knew about it.

I would definitely recommend people to come to College – I think everybody should keep their brain active however old you are. I would like to stay within HR going forward.