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Dean West

I chose this programme as it’s something I really enjoy. I liked Art at school and also draw a lot at home. I studied Interior Design at College last year but progressed onto Art & Design this academic year.

At the moment we are learning about textiles and painting using oils, so a lot of different skills. We are currently working on a piece, picking five things that are significant to you and you have to draw them. So far I have decided on a Kardashian, a lipstick as it reminds me of my mum, the gay pride flag, a golf ball as it represents friends and I’m currently researching the final item. I’ve already drawn one and will use different mediums for the others. 

Initially this academic year I started at the Fashion Retail academy in London but I didn’t like it and involved a lot of travelling so I decided to come back to MidKent College to do the Art & Design programme.

I’m not too sure about what I want to do long term but I am interested in going into special effects make-up. I think MidKent College is really good and my tutor Alex is really genuine and helpful. She always comes over when I ask for help. Everyone in my group gets along and we’re all really supportive. My mum is so supportive of me coming to College and encourages me to come in every day and I haven’t had a day off!