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Daniel Woodhams

I have a passion for aviation which is why I chose this programme. I am the second one on the family to study aviation; my great grandad was in the RAF. So far we have covered airport codes, a lot of geography, time zones and aircraft types which has been quite technical.  

We are just about to deal with emergencies such as bomb threats and hijacks, my favourite part so far has been learning about the aircrafts. In the long term I want to be a commercial pilot, I want to be a captain for a large airline flag carrier. 

After I finish this programme I am going to study for my PPL (private pilot’s licence) and start my career from there as on a CV this programme would look great.

My tutors are amazing, they’re really great, and although my class is quite mixed we all talk to each other and it’s like a second family. I would highly recommend MidKent College as it’s a really friendly environment and everyone is so nice, you get a smile everywhere you go. 

The facilities are very good, we use a full scale part of a cabin which gives you an idea of what it will be like in real life, for example you get life jackets and oxygen.  We have already visited Virgin Atlantic at Gatwick, easyJet and I’ve been to a British Airways pilots evening at Heathrow.