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Daniel J Wright

My long term job goal is to become a general practitioner. I want to go from paramedic sciences into graduate entry medicine and then into general practice. Once I have finished the HNC I would like to get my paramedic sciences degree at either Greenwich or Canterbury - one of the universities that MidKent College partner with. They seem to have good programmes, I’ve been to their open days and enjoyed visiting the campuses. I’ve already done my UCAS application. 

I have been a student at MidKent College for the past couple of years and I’ve always loved what the College stands for and the fact that they never let go or drop you. I’m dyslexic and the College have been very supportive all the way through. It’s an ideal place to study as I didn’t want to go into university only to fail because I didn’t understand how it all worked and how to write assignments.  Whereas at MidKent College you get given those assignments at level 4 and you’re taught how to write them and what you need to put into them. So when you do go to university you have already been writing at a higher academic level. Going from the level 3 to the level 4 has involved a lot more academic writing but you do get specific feedback which you weren’t given on the level 3. You know exactly what you need to do pass the assignment and what is needed to get a merit or distinction. 

I like the fact that the course runs over two days per week rather than all week. We also have to do our work experience but luckily for most of us that is our paid jobs. I actually enjoy being a mature student now as I’m in a class with more mature students and we have built up good friendships and relationships. On the HNC most of the students are almost my age or older and they have done the same kind of things, such as BTECs or Access courses, and we’ve all got the knowledge to help each other.

I’m a HE ambassador which I love and I represent the College at open events and I enjoy being able to give people advice and be friendly and approachable.