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Christopher Campbell

I went to sixth form for a year doing Criminology, Sociology and Forensics, but I didn’t feel that staying in a school environment was really for me. I then came to MidKent College and got onto the course quite easily.

Someone suggested College could be an option for me so I went online, appied for the course and then I came in to do my enrolment. I did this 4 days before I started so it was really quick.

The course is going well so far, it’s quite fun. I didn’t know many people here, but it felt welcoming. It’s really enjoyable and I’m making friends already. The tutors have been really helpful and friendly and gave us a bit of leeway with getting the uniform as I applied a bit later.

After leaving the course I want to go to uni to do a Police Diploma which will take 3 years. I’d love to move to London and join the Met police after that.

I’d recommend coming to College because it’s relaxed, but you do need to stick to your work and not fall behind! I also have a part-time job which fits in well with my time-table.