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Charlotte Jordan

When I was little and went on holiday, the air cabin crew were so helpful and friendly. They were such lovely and understanding people and I knew that I had that personality to fulfil that dream. 

My favourite unit so far has been learning the safety demo and then having to relay it all to a crowd of people as our whole cabin was full. It was so lovely because you had put all that work in to remember every word and now you can go and show everyone how hard you worked.

The cabin has aeroplane chairs, overhead lockers, all the safety demo kit, two trolleys and loud halers which everyone can use and you can practice before you go and get a job so you’ll be used to all the instruments you’re going to use. 

Hopefully I will work for Virgin Atlantic, as our tutors go through the assessment procedures. You’ll go for an assessment day and you will do group activities throughout the day. If you’re lucky enough to get through, you’ll have an interview in the afternoon and then if you pass that you’ll then be on a six week assessment course where you do tests daily, so it’s just revision, revision and more revision.  You’ll get your first roster if you complete all your six week training. 

I chose MidKent College because of their presentation; the way they display things is amazing. Also the uniform standard is what really drew me, they are so strict, but that is what you need. If you went into an airline with the wrong uniform on they would not let you fly! 

My nan is so supportive, she will help me to revise until I have got every single answer right even if it takes all night! My tutors Lisa and Aimee are so lovely and if you have a question they will explain it so well until you know the answer inside and out, I feel so comfortable around them. Aimee actually works for Virgin Atlantic as well so she has first-hand experience. I would definitely recommend Cabin Crew, if you are thinking about it come and look around and you will see how amazing it is.