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Cavan Morgan

At the moment the units I’m covering are anatomy, physical activity and psychology. My favourite part of the programme so far is physical activity. I chose this programme because I have been interested in Sport from a young age. I started with level 2 here last year and moved up to level 3 from there. I’d like to go on to university and then go on to be a sports teacher. I’m doing my industry placement teaching in a local primary school.

I chose College over sixth form as I felt it would be more beneficial for me. My tutors are both really good, they give you lots of support when you need it. There are trips planned for later in the programme to leisure centres/ gyms etc.

I would recommend the College as I think it’s a better place for people to come and learn – there’s more opportunities for people looking for a specific career. My class is quite mixed but there are more people with sports backgrounds as that is why they want to do the programme. I think College is the best option for people interested in a career in sport.