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Callie Pocock

I came to MidKent College because it had a lot more opportunity for me, rather than three A levels. The Creative Media course was the one I just knew I wanted to do. I chose a study programme on a subject that I wanted to do in the future and this was really beneficial to me.

I’m really enjoying the course – I love all the practical parts – the computers, the technology they used and the green screen. The facilities are really good here.

I love the editing, but actually capturing the video and messing around with it – I love all that.

The tutors are really helpful – they always give us feedback and encourage us, and teaches us new techniques and ways of doing things.

The College is very big. If you know what you want to do, and what subject you want to do, I’d definitely recommend it. College is suited to the course, and we have access to good technology too.

I see myself doing an apprenticeship for a year, and then going to university after that. College will enable me to get more of an understanding of the industry before I go to university. I’d like to do graphic design and social media.