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Barnaby Harrison - Access to Healthcare

I decided to study the Access course after working in ambulance control during the pandemic. Having worked in resource dispatch, I started to think about progressing into a more clinical role such as a paramedic but to do this I would have to go back into education. I looked at my options online, and found that Midkent College offered the course I required and still had places available. I quit my job (bold move), applied in early August and by September I was getting ready to enrol. I haven't looked back since. 

For me, Midkent was right on my doorstep. I spoke to a friend who had studied an access course with Midkent and was in her final year of paramedic science and this spurred me on to apply 

 I have learned so much on the course! Biology has been my favourite subject overall but cognitive psychology has been my favourite unit. Starting psychology at the college actually inspired me to take up a healthcare assistant position in an acute psychiatric ward. Due to the ongoing pandemic, all of our assessment has been coursework based (which I prefer) and this has allowed me to continue working whilst getting the grades I need for university! Aside from this I have also learned a lot about myself, my aspirations and my ability.

The tutors on my course have been absolutely brilliant! They are a dedicated team and are hugely knowledgable which made learning as much as we needed to so much easier. At the beginning of the course they asked us to write a piece that reflected on why we were taking the course, and what we wanted to achieve. so that if we ever found things difficul,t we could look back on it for inspiration. I have since looked at that piece 3 times and each time it has motivated me to keep going!

I have applied to study Paramedic Science at university and have achieved a conditional offer at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge which I have accepted. I also achieved offers for Portsmouth University and St George's University of London. 

 As someone that works two jobs to pay the bills, I have really had to structure my time to achieve this course. But I am a firm believer that it can be done and I feel I am now living proof. We have had a lot of parents on our course as well who have achieved distinction grades and offers for university, so it can be done whilst balancing other commitments!

As someone who left school at 16 and who went through the care system I never thought I would go back into education, let alone go to university! This course has ignited a new confidence in me and I am honestly so grateful for the opportunities the access course has opened up for me!

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