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Amy Owers

I am in my second year of the Level 3 Creative Media study programme. At the moment we are creating videos and I’m currently  doing my final project which is a music video.   

Over the past year we have done music videos, adverts and awareness campaigns, but primarily at the moment we are focused on our final projects. When we’re planning our videos we are given a brief and given quite a lot of creative freedom. We usually start by brainstorming ideas, a lot of the time it helps when you are with other people as you can bounce your ideas off them!  Once we’ve decided on an idea, we research it - so for example, when doing music videos, we look into other music videos and other directors just to see what goes into creating it. We then go on to plan it ourselves with storyboards, risk assessments and the paperwork side of it. For filming, we have got a studio and we also film outside of College if necessary. We have loads of cameras to use, and then the final bit is editing. We use the PCs with Premier Pro or After Effects software and we can use lots of things on the Adobe Creative Suite to create our videos. I really like using the computer, and learning on the editing software was new to me when I started, so it was really fun to get into the creative side of things and it's also useful for the workplace.

I chose MidKent College as I was really interested in the course itself, it was something different. Also, it was local to me. Previously I had studied Animal Management at a different College, but I think I was a bit too young to know exactly what I wanted to do. Now I am more focused about what I want to do. After I finish my Level 3 I am hopefully going onto Canterbury Christchurch University to study Games Design and I have been offered a conditional place.

My tutors have all been so helpful, even the ones not on my course, they are such a positive influence, they have all worked hard to get us to where we need to be.  I think the difference between College and school is that when you are at College you are definitely treated more like an adult, there is a lot more freedom. Obviously, you do have to manage yourself, but I feel like that is such a crucial step in getting yourself ready for life really.