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Amber Nicholson

I started at College last September and so far I have found it very interesting, I really enjoy it. I didn’t really enjoy school, so I wanted a bit of a change and a bit more freedom, and I think at College they give you the opportunity to do things for yourself and you have more independence.

I have always loved doing hair and make-up and all aspects of beauty so I thought it was the perfect chance to carry it on. I have now passed all my exams and passed all my assignments which include, cutting, colouring, lightening, styling and dressing hair. Hopefully when I progress onto Level 3 I can learn even more.

I do really enjoy learning the theory side of things, and then when we’ve learnt the theory, I love having the chance to actually physically do it. You learn from each other and from the teacher that there are different ways to do things and that helps me grow my knowledge of things. My tutors are really lovely, I can go to them about anything and tell them anything, they are there for every student. The facilities are really good and working in a salon environment prepares you for when you go into a real workplace. You get the opportunity to use all the tools and practice on friends and family. Anyone who likes hairdressing should just do it!.

Once I have completed my Level 3 next year I am hoping to go into full-time employment.