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Amani Modeste-James

I chose Electrical Installation as I want to become a fully qualified electrician. My dad’s a plumber and he suggested that I become an electrician. I came to MidKent College because I heard really good reviews from my friends who had been there before and it’s close to my home. 

For my industry placement I am currently travelling around different parts of Kent with a family friend, who is in the trade, and just recently we’ve installed lighting in a bungalow. 

At the moment I am studying metal trunking which is used in the industry but my favourite part of the programme so far has been doing the ring main circuit. I prefer the practical part of the programme and the theory side does involve a lot of maths. You definitely need to be good at maths to study the programme. Zoe is a very good tutor she’s really motivational and encourages people to achieve their best. She worked in the trade before becoming a tutor which is helpful. 

I would 100% recommend someone to study at MidKent College. In the future I would like to own my own electrical business so I can employ younger people and show them the ropes.