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Abby Merry

I’m studying the multi-trades programme so I’m learning brickwork, painting and decorating, plastering and guttering etc. I wasn’t sure which trade I wanted to learn, so this has helped. Today I’m hanging wallpaper; we’re having to prepare the walls and the paste. This involves maths too as you have to measure the paper and wall, and make sure it’s right.

I’m quite precise and like being accurate, so learning different trades helps that.

In our theory lessons we’ve learnt about health and safety – and we have an exam on that before Christmas - and we’re now learning about construction foundations – so everything that is keeping a building up and stable from hardcore to concrete.

My tutor Doug is really good - he pushes everyone to learn new things which is what you need really.

I’m thinking of going onto an apprenticeship next, so I’m just seeing what my options are. Studying this programme has really helped as you learn a bit of everything, and some areas like more than others.

I get along with all of the guys in my class, there’s no arguments and you haven’t got to worry about your hair or make up! I’m basically one of the guys.