Transition Programmes

    These programmes are designed for students without prior academic attainment who are likely to present with significant emotional and social barriers to learning, who may have an EHCP, physical or mental health issue, or a SEND and who would benefit from a tailored curriculum that supports them to positively re-engage with learning and prepares them for their next steps 

    These courses offer a one-year transition including learning and support to help young people build their confidence, feelings of self-worth and resilience through personal development of behaviours, attitude, and skills to prepare for their next step, whether that is progression onto a vocational course or into employment. 

    What will I learn? 

    You’ll gain accredited Entry 3 or Level 1 qualifications, as well as the opportunity to improve your employability and social skills.  

    The course will support you to develop skills in working as a team, communication, problem solving, planning, creativity and taking responsibility for your own learning.  All these skills are useful in a variety of different future career options. 

    You will also continue to develop your English, maths and digital skills.

    Why choose a MidKent College Transition programme? 

    At MidKent College our staff are highly skilled at working with and supporting young people to get the most out of their time at college. They are compassionate, friendly and approachable who only want the best possible outcomes for their students. 

    At the beginning of your course, your tutors will work with you to identify your individual needs and then develop a personal learning plan aimed at supporting you for your next steps. 

    How is English & maths involved? 

    English and maths skills are vital to support you to be successful in your future career and are embedded into the whole programme, including dedicated sessions in readiness for sitting relevant qualifications at the right level for you.