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Carpentry & Joinery Study Programmes

Put your skills to good use and carve a career in the construction industry.

Looking for a carpentry course? Find out the difference between a Carpentry course and a study programme below.

Our staff are well qualified and highly-experienced craftspeople. They will use hand tools in the well-equipped workshop facilities housed at our Medway and Maidstone campuses to help you learn a new range of skills that will benefit you in life, as well as your future or current employment.

Our study programmes in Construction Crafts are ideal for progressing students who want to become skilled craftspeople, site carpenters and mature students who want to formalise a career in building.

What will I learn?

Our programmes are ideal for progressing students who want to become skilled craftspeople or mature students who want to formalise a career in building. As well as working on projects that involve crafting construction projects, masonry and house fittings using the latest joinery products, you’ll also learn about health and safety and employment rights in the workplace.

English and maths will be a key feature too, ensuring you have the literacy and numeracy skills that employers are looking for. Find out the difference between a Carpentry course and a study programme below.

You may also be interested in our Carpentry & Joinery apprenticeship too.

Why choose a MidKent College Carpentry & Joinery study programme?

Our staff are well-qualified and highly experience craftspeople. They will use our well-equipped workshops to help you to learn a new range of skills, and improve your confidence in the workplace. You’ll also complete work experience as part of your study programme to ensure that you have those employability skills employers are looking for.

What level am I?

This will be dependent on the qualifications and experience that you currently have. For some very practical subjects you'll need to start at level 1 to ensure you learn the key theory, practical knowledge and health and safety standards for your industry. Check out what level you are on our chart.

How is English & maths involved?

If you’re aged 16-18 years old, English and maths will be a key part of your study programme. You will study both subjects at a level which is appropriate for you. They will help you to work out exact measurements and understand and communicate technical ideas.

What facilities and trips are available?

Our well-equipped workshops at both the Medway and Maidstone campuses will give you the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to enter the industry. You’ll also gain experience outside of College with various community projects. Students also had the opportunity to visit the Professional Builder Tool Fair.

Is an apprenticeship available?

Yes, you have the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship in Bench Joinery or Site Carpentry at the Maidstone Campus.

What have your past students gone on to do?

Successful students have progressed onto employment within the local industry, gained promotion within their current workplace or become self-employed.

What can I do afterwards?

You’ll have the practical and theoretical knowledge to enter the construction trade in a range of roles from surveyor to restorer, site carpenter to site manager.

What’s the difference between a Carpentry course and a study programme?

Traditionally you may have studied a Carpentry course, where you would only study the qualification, such as health and safety, house fittings and construction projects. A Carpentry & Joinery study programme is so much more than a Carpentry course!

This change to study programmes is due to national feedback from employers saying young people need to have more than just a “qualification”; they need to have the skills to work in their chosen industry. A study programme encompasses the subject qualification, English and maths skills as well as work experience and personal development skills.

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