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English and maths

At MidKent College we understand that employers and universities look for maths and English qualifications above everything else. 

We believe that everyone can be successful in maths and English and while you are at College we will do everything we can to make possible.

Study programmes are a new way of studying for 16-18 year olds, introduced by the government in 2014. Maths and English must be included as part of these study programmes and it is important that every student studies the course that is right for them. 

If you have achieved a grade 4 or above at GCSE you do not have to complete a further qualification, but will undertake a project which is designed to improve your skills in English and maths. You also have the opportunity to improve your GCSE grade or to study Core Maths at level 3.

If you have grade 2 or 3 at GCSE we will support you to resit your English and/or maths GCSE in the June exams series. 

If you have grade 1 or no grade at GCSE we will support you to resit your English and/or maths qualification. You will re-take the exam in the June exam series to build your confidence in sitting exams and to help you see how far you have progressed. We anticipate that you will take the exam again in your second year with us. 

Functional Skills qualifications for English and maths remain available for Foundation students, Apprentices and adult students.

Maths and English relevant to you

Alongside your maths and English lessons, your technical and professional qualification tutors will make sure that you learn about the particular maths and English needed for your chosen career. This might be how to write a business report, how to convert foreign exchange, how to work out the number of bricks needed to build a wall or simply how to spell that tricky specialist vocabulary. So whether you are an aspiring scientist, plumber, vet or hairdresser you will understand how maths and English will help you in your career.