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Level 3 in Award (Theory) Principles of Assessment

  1. CampusMaidstone
  2. Course Length
  3. Type of CoursePart Time
  4. Week CommencingFlexible
  5. Annual Fee£350

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Why Choose MidKent College?

  • We provide some of the finest teaching and learning environments you’ll find in a further education college in the country, having built a brand-new campus in Gillingham in 2009 and refurbished our Maidstone Campus in a redevelopment programme completed in 2016.
  • Both of our campuses are fully-equipped with workshops that simulate real working environments, equipment that replicates the latest technology students will find in the workplace, and commercial facilities that are open to the public.
  • The University Centre Maidstone (UCM) building at our Oakwood Park campus is a dedicated campus for university-level courses and professional training.
  • Our career advisers booked 1105 careers interviews in 2020-2021! They'll be able to give you impartial guidance as to the range of education, training and employment opportunities available to you.

    • What our students say...

      Kim Lewis

      I would like to teach Beauty to further my career. I’m a beauty therapist; I’ve had my business for about 13 years so it’s a natural progression to go on to teach. The DET is the best qualification to have. I chose the College as if offers this qualification and I live nearby. I’m going to be volunteering in the ...