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IT Apprenticeships

    Looking for an IT apprenticeship in Kent? Earn while you learn at MidKent College.

    What will I learn?

    Depending on the level of your programme you could study design and audio software to databases and desktop publishing. The most advanced Information Technology apprenticeship may cover how to manage and design a website, how to create multimedia content or helpdesk support.

    English and maths will also be a vital part of your programme, and you’ll learn both at a level appropriate to you.

    How will I be assessed?

    Your dedicated training officer will assess most of your learning in your workplace. You’ll also be assessed in English and maths at a level to suit you.

    What will I get from an IT apprenticeship?

    • A nationally recognised qualification
    • GCSEs in English and maths (dependent on previous level of qualification)
    • Relevant and applicable industry experience
    • Communication, organisation and teamwork skills
    • Once fully qualified, an IT service engineer can earn on average £12,000-£30,000 per year*.

    How much do apprentices earn?

    Employers must provide their apprentices with a contract of employment for a minimum of 30 hours per week, which should include your attendance at College. The National Apprenticeship Minimum Wage is £4.30 per hour, but this can be increased at the discretion of your employer. Find out more about the National Minimum Wage here

    What careers are available?

    • Web developer
    • Project manager
    • Systems analyst
    • Programmer
    • Network engineer
    • Software developer.

    Why choose MidKent College?

    An apprenticeship with MidKent College will equip you with all of the skills you need to become a valuable customer service professional. Our apprenticeship advisers can also help you to find an Information Technology apprenticeship vacancy with a local employer – check out the latest vacancies available now.

    We work with trusted local employers to ensure that what you learn on your apprenticeship is relevant, up-to-date and accurate.

    Find out more

    Apply for local vacancies here.

    How much do IT project managers get paid?**

    Newly qualified IT project managers can earn on average £25,000-£28,000 per year. As your experience increases you could earn from £30,000-£45,000 per year. Highly qualified professionals can expect to earn on average £45,000-£70,000 per year. Typically you’ll work about 40 hours a week.

    Is there demand for IT professionals?

    All companies are now reliant on experienced and qualified ICT departments, whether that’s in-house or contracted. Everything from the hardware on your desk, to the WiFi and internet, is all managed by an ICT specialist. You could also choose to specialise in web development, programming or software development – the industry has a whole range of career opportunities!

    How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

    Choose the level of Computing apprenticeship that is most appropriate to you from the selection of programmes above. A level 2 apprenticeship is approximately equivalent to GCSE, level 3 to A level and level 4 to degree level. Select “Apply online”, register your email address and then complete the required details.

    You’ll need to meet set entry requirements, and we’ll invite you in for an interview, and possibly an assessment, depending on the level. But it’s nothing to worry about! We welcome applicants from those who already have an employer willing to sponsor them, as well as helping those looking for employment. You can view local apprenticeship vacancies here.

    We also offer IT study programmes here.

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