Green Construction and Design Centre

We're building a dedicated Green Construction and Design Centre at our Maidstone Campus using recycled modular building stock to showcase and deliver excellence in sustainable construction technologies. We'll be using state-of-the-art cabron neutral building materials and retrofitting techniques to demonstrate green construction methods and energy-saving technologies according to BREEAM standards. 

Following consultation with local employers and the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP), the factory will act as a learning centre for excellence for decarbonising construction in Kent. It will create a flexible and practical workshop space with equipment sourced from Lucas-Nulle, and will focus on delivering the theoretical and practical skills needed by local employers in:

  • Solar PV (Photo-Voltaic) Energy Solutions
  • Micro-wind turbine energy generation technology
  • Smart home energy control systems and home energy storage solutions
  • Carbon-neutral and renewable construction materials and design solutions. 

We will be encouraging business start-ups specialising in green energy to consider relocating to the factory to help us test and develop solutions in collaboration, and we'll be inviting businesses and students to join us for interesting and informative events.