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Message from the chairman of the governing body

Hello, my name is Ann Furedi, and I am very proud to be Chairman of the Governing Body at MidKent College.

I believe we all have the chance to create our futures through the choices we make. At MidKent College we have a clear goal: to help every single student be the best they can be. That starts with helping people to make the right choices. We give people a choice to either take ‎what they did at school and build on it, or draw a line under what they did at school and start afresh.

You can read our strategic priorities by clicking here but, in a nutshell, our priority is to provide local students with the education, skills, experience and confidence they need to play their part in our local workforce.

We are constantly striving to develop our teaching and learning, and the support we provide for our students. Our determination to improve is matched only by our determination to improve the aspirations, achievement and life-chances of our students.

We look forward to working with you.
Ann Furedi
Chairman of Governors