Coronavirus Updates

We'll use this page to keep you updated regarding developments on the spread of Coronavirus and its impact on how our students and staff will operate at the College.

We will update this page as and when there is new news to report. 


Updated 27 July 2020

Further to Government expectations that students return to campus in September, please be assured that having tested arrangements for safe access to our campus with staff and a small number of students, we are now ready for a larger number of students to return in the new academic year and look forward to a return to teaching and learning on campus. 

New students joining us in September will receive an email with instructions for enrolment in the next few weeks. With a few exceptions for specific groups of students, enrolment this year will take place online and most students will complete this process virtually. At the end of enrolment new students will be given a date to attend their chosen campus for the first day to meet classmates, get familiar with the campus, and receive timetables. 

Existing students returning for the next level of study will receive an email in the next few weeks detailing instructions for their return.

Building on the excellent progress that we’ve seen from staff and students undertaking e-learning during lockdown, students on programmes at Levels 2 and 3 can expect their timetable to incorporate an element of virtual learning where they will learn at home. This will vary from programme to programme, and details will be confirmed by tutors in September. 


Updated 12 June 2020

From Monday 15 June 2020, a small number of students will return to our campuses to complete assessments under controlled conditions. These students have been invited to attend by tutors. 

Only students invited to attend by a tutor will be allowed to enter our campuses. 

Students who have not been invited to attend should continue to learn at home, guided by their tutors and support staff. 

More information for students invited to return can be found here.


Updated 01 June 2020

We work with around 27 different Awarding Bodies (the organisations that issue certificates to students after assessment).

Almost all of those Awarding Bodies have now released information to Colleges about how end-of-year assessments for our current students will be completed and how results will be calculated. 

As of today, it's clear that some of our students will be awarded qualifications based on progress and achievement  during the year (in a similar way to this summer's GCSEs), some will have assessments adapted so that they can be completed online, and a small number will need to complete assessments under controlled conditions at one of our campuses.

Please be patient as we finalise assessment plans for all of our students. Tutors will contact students directly with further instructions when ready.

If students are required to attend, tutors will invite them to do so and provide detailed instructions as to how our campuses will operate with strictly managed social distancing measures.

If you are a current student with queries regarding your course, please contact your course tutor in the first instance.


Updated 14 May 2020

This week there have been a number of announcements, and lots of speculation about when and how different parts of society, including schools and colleges, will re-open. 

We're reviewing the latest information, and will take a decision to gradually re-open our campuses in a controlled way to specific groups of students and staff when we're confident that the very best measures are in place to keep everybody safe.

Until that decision is taken our students should continue studying at home, aided by their teachers and support staff.

For those planning to join us in September, please apply for your chosen programme through this website as normal and we will contact you to arrange a telephone interview with a member of our teaching team.

We know this will be an uncertain time for our current students, as well as those planning their next steps for September. Please click the relevant buttons above to watch a series of short FAQ videos addressing some of the key issues that we’re discussing with our students and applicants on a daily basis.


Updated 06 April 2020

Ofqual, which oversees examinations and qualifications in England, has released some detailed guidance to schools and colleges about how grades will be calculated this summer for GCSEs.

Alongside the guidance, Ofqual has issued this letter to GCSE, AS and A Level students

In short, for our GCSE English and maths students the College will be submitting the grades we believe they were likely to receive, based on progress to date, if teaching, learning and examinations had taken place. In addition, we have been asked to rank students by performance for each grade. In line with Ofqual guidance, we are not permitted to share these grades and rankings with students, parents or carers. Exam boards will then collate and standardise that information across the country to ensure that students receive fair grades. 

While the guidance is clear that the college is not required to set additional mock exams or homework for GCSEs, we believe it’s essential that English and maths students continue to engage fully with all work set by teachers, as this will ensure that they continue to build the knowledge and skills needed to progress to work or to a higher level of study.

We await further notice from Ofqual about exams and assessment for technical and professional courses and we will provide an update as soon as this is made available. Students completing these courses should continue to engage with all work and assessments set by their teachers while studying at home, which again will help to develop underpinning knowledge and skills to help secure employment and/or internal progression to the next level of study.

We wish all our students, parents and carers a peaceful and restful break. Please do continue to follow Government instructions regarding social distancing: stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.


Updated 01 April 2020

In these difficult times where we're experiencing big changes to our lives, it's perfectly understandable that our students might need a bit of extra support. 

Even though our campuses are closed, we're still here to help.

Please check the Student Support page on Moodle for details of a wide range of resources, services and support available related to physical health, mental health and wellbeing. 

In addition, our safeguarding and counselling teams are operating as normal. To contact a safeguarding officer, please call 01634 3833567 (please note that this number is not for general queries).


Updated 27 March 2020

This week our Medway campus has remained open to a small group of invited students as directed by the Department for Education. 

Having spoken to those students and their parents/carers, there is quite rightly some nervousness about continuing to travel to College. In response to that feedback, we will now support those students to continue their learning at home, and will not be opening our campus again until further notice. 

We will review the needs of this particular group of students on a weekly basis in consultation with parents and carers.


Updated 19 March 2020 16:00

In response to the national approach to the Coronavirus outbreak, MidKent College will cease our normal business from 3.30pm on Friday 20 March. Specifically this means that:
• Timetabled lessons will stop until further notice, and students should not attend our campuses.   
• As requested by the Department for Education,  a small group of students have been invited to continue to attend College where they meet specific criteria for ongoing support. 
This is a situation which we have planned for, and we aim to maintain teaching and support so that our students can continue learning at home. Students should check their usual online learning platform (for example Moodle, Seesaw, OneNote etc) where work will be set, and should regularly check College email addresses for updates and instructions. 
Applicants for courses scheduled to start in September 2020 will be contacted by email to arrange telephone interviews. 
As the Government’s response to these circumstances is changing rapidly, like everyone else we await their decisions regarding the full impact of school and college closures on a number of matters, not least the cancellation of national exams and assessment for those who were due to complete exams this summer. 
We do not yet have all the answers to the questions you will have, and we understand that will be frustrating for you. We do not yet know which exams and assessments, beyond GCSEs will be affected. However, while we await confirmation of these plans there are some things you can do:
• Continue to log-in to the various online learning activities your Tutors are providing.  We have heard some discussion that an element of Teacher Assessment could be used to award your qualifications – please help your Tutor to be in the best possible position to push for the best possible result for you by connecting with them, talking to them and engaging in the learning they continue to provide.
• Continue with coursework and wider reading in your subject.  For those of you progressing to higher levels of study, it’s important that you don’t lose the habit of study such that it becomes difficult for you to reconnect at a later date.
• Talk to each other using the systems we have put in place; you can be a valuable source of support in this period you’re not regularly in College.
As more information becomes available, we will release Frequently Asked Questions documents here on our website. 

Updated 18 March 2020 18:17

We're aware of the Education Secretary's statement that schools and colleges in England will close from Friday.

We will be open tomorrow (Thursday) as normal, when our managers will review the detailed guidance from the Department for Education.

We'll make a further announcement on our website and social media channels tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience while we work through the details.


Updated 18 March 2020

Like all schools and Colleges we're asked to follow guidelines from Public Health England and the Department for Education. At the moment, the advice is that we should remain open, and so that is our current position.

Unless we post a closure message here and on our social media channels, the College remains open with timetabled lessons continuing. 

In the eventuality that we need to cancel individual classes, our team will telephone affected students. 


Updated 16 March 2020

Due to the continued developments around the Coronavirus we have decided to cancel our Medway Campus open event on 18 March.

We will look to reschedule this event at an appropriate later date and will announce this when confirmed.

Please search and apply for the programmes and apprenticeships available on our website here.

Need advice about your options?

Ring our Course Enquiries team on 01634 402020 or send them an email.


Updated 13 March 2020

This morning we had a first aid call-out at our Maidstone Campus. We are incredibly proud of, and thankful to, the staff who attended a distressed student and dealt with them in the same way that we would expect any other call-out to be managed.

Please be assured that we have been in contact with Public Health England as a precautionary measure, and there is no current requirement for us to close or deep clean our buildings.

We therefore remain open, and the advice provided in our post below (dated 12 March) still applies.


Updated 12 March 2020

There are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) within our College community, and our campuses in Maidstone and Medway remain open as normal. 

While we remain open, we continue to encourage all students, staff and visitors to follow the advice and guidance of Public Health England to limit the spread of the virus, specifically: 

  • Wash your hands often, with soap and water or a sanitising gel, for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • If you feel unwell, stay and home and report in sick through the absence line.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

If you feel unwell and are concerned that your symptoms match those caused by the virus (cough, high temperature, shortness of breath), or have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, you must not visit our campuses, your GP or any other healthcare environment. Instead, please call NHS 111 (or call 999, but only in the event of an emergency) and follow the advice provided. 

Even if you currently feel well, please contact us if you have recently travelled overseas with details of your destination and the dates of your travel.