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Feminine touch for painting and decorating

Monday, 02 Apr 2012
Hire a painter and decorator to refurbish your house and chances are it will be a man who turns up at your door.

But while the industry will probably always be male-dominated, an increasing number of female workers are now enjoying the benefits of learning a construction trade.

For example, four female students are currently enrolled on the Level 1 Diploma in Painting & Decorating course at MidKent College’s Medway Campus.

“The level of workmanship they display is outstanding and their attitudes are excellent,” said lecturer Doug Warren.

“There’s no reason at all why more women shouldn’t consider careers in painting and decorating. The four girls on my course have really set the way for the lads to follow.

“It would be a big plus to have more women in the industry, especially for single mums or elderly people who might feel more confident letting women into their homes.”

Television stars Amanda Lamb, Anna Ryder Richardson and Linda Barker have become synonymous with home improvement shows in recent years, and Doug said that had helped boost the number of female students on his course.

He added: “Decorating is the finished article after all the other construction work has been finished, and a lot of women possess the panache needed to be very good at it.”

Other construction craft subjects available at MidKent College include Carpentry & Joinery, Brickwork and Bench Joinery.

Danielle Gatter, 18, from Chatham, is one of the four females on the Painting & Decorating course and already produces work of a “professional standard” according to her lecturer.

She said: “A lot of girls think it’s a male profession but there’s no reason why we can’t do just as well. We should follow our dreams and do what we want to do.

“Me and another girl on the course, Shannon, plan to set up our own business once we’re qualified. Hopefully we’ll do well because there can’t be many all-female painting and decorating firms out there.”

The College plans to hold a special open day for prospective female Painting & Decorating students later this year. Please register your interest by emailing doug.warren@midkent.ac.uk.


For all media enquiries, please contact Steve Knight, Marketing and Communications Officer, on 01634 383277 or email steve.knight@midkent.ac.uk.

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