Personal Tutors

Here at MidKent College, we're here to support you whilst you're completing your studies.

What is a personal tutor?
 All full-time students are allocated a personal tutor. Your personal tutor plays a key supportive role if you have any problems with your studies, providing you with advice and help on a day-to-day basis. Your personal tutor can help with a wide range of course-related and personal issues, providing a vital link between you, your subject tutors and any other support areas involved in your progress. You will work together with your personal tutor in weekly one hour group tutorials and individual tutorials.

What happens in a group tutorial?
These tutorials focus on helping you to be a successful student and on preparing you for life after your course. Your personal tutor will work with you to develop your skills in searching for a job and attending interviews.

How are individual tutorials different?
Throughout the year, your personal tutor will ask to meet with you on an individual basis. You will work together to review your progress, identify your strengths and improvement opportunities and then set SMART targets to help you achieve your goals. This is completed through the Moodle PLP (Personal Learning Plan).

What's a PLP?
PLP allows all tutors and support staff who are working with you in College to give you feedback, help you set and meet targets, and develop an ongoing report of your progress and achievement on your course. Your parents/guardians can also be granted access, giving you some additional support to keep you motivated and on track for achievement and progression. Your individual tutorial is also an important opportunity for you to discuss any other issuess affecting you confidentially and in private.

Personal tutor Kelly Govans* gives us the lowdown on her role and responsibilities.

Govans, Kellyweb_1.jpg As a personal tutor I work with students on set topics such as WorkSkills, UCAS applications, employability, citizenship and health. I also work one-to-one with students to look at their academic progress and am on hand should there be any personal issues they need support with.

This role underpins the work completed by subject/course tutors and I am a central point of contact for referral to internal and external support services. In one day I may deal with self-harm, homelessness and pregnancy as well as deliver three group tutorials. We are developing the way we work collaboratively to effectively support the
students and ensure they remain focused and achieve their full potential.

The best thing about my job is watching the progression and development of my students from when they first start the course to them accomplishing their dreams and leaving to go to university or start employment. Every day is different and I enjoy supporting students to find work experience placements, practise their English and organisational skills or to search for suitable progression routes.

*Since writing this article Kelly has been promoted and is now a lecturer in the Higher and Academic Studies faculty.