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State of Play

In which Steve discusses the midpoint, being in the mood, the importance of state, and having flow (because chicks get him high). As of writing it is the first week back after half term, and I am tired. My peers, colleagues, friends and I joke that it’s not long now until Easter, but only so [...]

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Using the right Tools

In which Steven defends Dance, gets passive aggressive (but not with you, he likes you), takes issue with western philosophy, doesn’t refer to anything metaphorically or euphemistically, makes no use of Urban Dictionary and hopefully finally finishes his story.  I’d like to apologise – even if it’s felt I don’t need to. Editor   Let [...]

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A Crackpot and These Women

In which Steven talks about the importance of the women in his life, quotes teaching theory, touches upon Anglo-Saxon concepts of personal destiny and fails to get to the end of the story he started last week. I’d like to apologise if any teaching theory does get quoted – I did advise against it. Editor [...]

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Personal Literacy

In which Steven, for no apparent reason, wants to talk about CV writing and continues to forget that the blog is about MKC, or teaching and continues to talk about himself. It’s a metaphor! How? I mean an allegory. (Do you even know what you mean? Editor) The CV, a document so apparently important, there [...]

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Who Are You?

(In which Steven name drops for no other reason than to disguise the fact he might have nothing meaningful to say. Editor) So I went to an education conference recently, I know get me, and whilst I was there a couple of people gave me their business card. I didn’t have a business card. Do [...]

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It’s Good to be Back, it’s Good to be Back

Keep repeating it like a mantra and eventually you almost start to convince yourself. I’m joking of course, it’s great to be back. So much possibility, so much hope. So much for the summer… So it’s a new academic year, new students, is it a new you, or the old you? Feeling refreshed, revitalised, reinvigorated, [...]

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The summer holidays — it’s like Christmas and New Year rolled into one, except where it’s not like that at all. Working in education you get two New Years, like The Queen has two birthdays — except where it’s not like that at all. You have New Year, New Year, which is Like New York, [...]

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